Top 5 Ways to Consume CBD

A derivative of the Hemp plant (more popularly known as the marijuana plant), CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid extract that is increasingly being used as a natural remedy for several ailments, including pain, anxiety, insomnia, seizures, etc. The Farm bill of 2018 legalized the regulated use of CBD, making it a more accessible and acceptable solution for health-related issues.

How to Consume CBD

If you are new to the world of CBD, the sheer variety of products can get a little overwhelming. What to try, what will suit you, how much to take, how often to take are all highly relevant questions to form in your mind.

To clear out the confusion, we are now looking at how a layperson, with no prior knowledge of CBD can effectively use this natural remedy.

There are two main methods of consumption for CBD – oral and topical. Here we will look at the various options for each process and how useful they may be.

You can consume CBD orally using CBD oils, vapes, pills, edibles, and so on.

  • CBD Oils & Tinctures

Oils and Tinctures are one of the easiest and safest ways to consume CBD. You can control the dosage as you need to administer the liquid with a dropper.

There is a small difference in oils and tinctures. Both need to be placed under the tongue with a dropper. The taste of CBD oil is slightly bitter. It is usually available in combination with another oil such as coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, etc. CBD oils typically have a higher concentration and hence may work faster. They have been known to work well to ease chronic pain, epilepsy, IBS, and so on.

CBD Tinctures are lighter than CBD oils as their concentration levels are somewhat lower. Hence, tinctures are best suited for beginners. They have a nice taste as they are mixed with alcohol and even have some flavor added. You may first want to try a CBD tincture before moving on to using CBD oil. Tinctures can help you sleep better, control anxiety, etc. It is easy to consume, does not have a bitter taste, and can be carried around easily even when you travel. In fact, regular use of tincture has become a useful life management tool for many.

  • CBD Edibles

You may have heard the term “CBD munchies,” which are food items infused with CBD. There are many types of CBD edibles to choose from:

Chewing gum

A lot of people prefer CBD edibles as they taste great and are light. They are also very convenient to carry around – a pack of chewing gum in your bag is all it takes. It is a discreet method of CBD consumption.

Several athletes like to include CBD in their shakes, so if smoothies and lattes are more your style, just opt for a CBD drink. You can also choose to make your own CBD beverage. Note that CBD is hydrophobic, i.e., it does not mix with water and hence needs to be added to drinks that require a lot of mixing, like smoothies.

When selecting a CBD edible, just make sure you check the potency as concentration levels vary across items. Select the kind of dosage you require. Like with anything else, it’s best to start small and start slow. You should try a small item and slowly take it up to the point where it seems most useful to you.

  • Capsules & Pills

If you are looking for a standard CBD food supplement, a pill is the most popular option – it is hassle-free, convenient, and discreet. One quick swallow, and the job is done. It is easy to control doses since the capsules or soft gels are precisely measured units.

When consuming a CBD capsule, keep in mind that pills take a little longer to start showing effects – here, it may take up to 45 minutes. However, it varies from person to person. Although they take longer to take effect, they also last much longer. The effects of a CBD capsule can last for several hours, even a whole day at times. Pills are a preferred method for managing stress and anxiety, pain control, and sleep inducement for those who have insomnia.

  • Vapes

Vaporizing is a clearer way of CBD consumption as compared to smoking. The effects of inhaling vapor are almost instant (within 1 to 5 minutes) and affect the whole body. There are a variety of ways to vape in CBD that require the use of an instrument. They are:

Tabletop vaporizers (mostly used at home as they require a power source)
Portable vape flowers (battery-powered)
Vaping Pens (either oil-based or wax-based; convenient to carry around and battery-powered)

Make sure you research well into which vaping option will work best for you. Some people may have allergic reactions to contaminants like lead present in some vaporizers.

  • Smoking High CBD Hemp Strains

Smoking is usually the fastest acting of all CBD products. Most people experience a sense of calm almost instantly. Sensitive consumers may experience some amount of euphoria, so it’s best to check whether smoking is a good option for you.

The most popular high-intensity marijuana strain is Charlotte’s Web. It has been known to control seizures. It is also used for treating arthritic inflammation, muscle spasms, and fibromyalgia.

A high CBD marijuana strain like ACDC can be used as a pain killer, to control epileptic attacks, for bipolar disorder, and also to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. It is known to increase attentiveness and induce a slight euphoric feeling.

Which Method Works Best?

There are a variety of ways to use CBD. What works best is something you will need to work out for yourself after consulting a doctor. There is no method that’s better than the other. A pill may seem the best option for someone, while vaping may work well with another’s body system.

It is best to start with a minimal dose in a tincture form and then adjust your intake based on your requirements. Ensure you check the laws of your area on CBD usage as it is entirely legal in some states and regulated in others. Also, be very cautious with how much you consume and keep the harmful effects of overdosage at bay.



Best Ways to Consume CBD